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TAXI IMPULS IN BRNO - speed, comfort, availability

necekateWith us you will never wait for your taxi

We have more than 60 cars available, so we are able to pick you up in matter of few minutes after order.

necekateYou will enjoy the ride

We will pamper you in the cars of the highest class. Based on prior order we can send Mercedes Benz, Skoda Superb or VW Passat for the pick-up. All of our cars have air-conditioning so you will feel comfortable all the time.

necekateYou will know the price in advance

We bet that you have already heard about that Czech drivers are exploiting customers. But in our company it is not possible, because you can calculate the price in advance, so you will have every time an estimation of the fare.

kartaYou don't need cash

You can pay for our services via payment card. If you would like to use this opportunity please let us know in advance, so the headquarters will send you appropriate car.

slevyDiscounts for companies

Companies, which use our services frequently will have discount. In this case there will be need to sign a contract and the payments will be done every month.

za hraniceWe will take you outside the country

Yes, we are from Brno, but we will take you to other cities too and we can take you even abroad. You can check the current price of long distance services in our pricelist.


Šilingr square Brno Šilingr square
Mendl square Brno Mendl square

You will find our taxis on our main cabstands - Silingrovo square and Mendlovo square - anytime you need. Is it far away from you? Just make a call. Our operators are always available at the phone number 14 0 14.

You can also order taxi via SMS (just send the text message to phone number 606 056 060) or via convenient online form. In the case you use the online form, please order the taxi at least 12 hours in advance.

Possible payment methods

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